Meibangmeihe Biotechnology

Innovation Platform


Top-level Design

It is equipped with a variety of advanced molecular biology experimental instruments, which are used in synthetic biology, genetic engineering, enzyme engineering, protein engineering design and other fields. The techniques include structure and function prediction, gene cloning, genome editing and so on.


High cell-density fermentation

The company has a fermentation platform with a complete coverage of laboratory research and development, which can be applied to the whole industrial technology according to the pilot results. It possesses advanced fermentation equipments (glass fermentation tank and multi-level multi-specification stainless steel fermentation tank) and automatic control system. Equipped with complete public facilities, it can ferment bacteria, genetic engineering bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms in high cell density fermentation, culture screening and optimization, and parallel process of fermentation level exploring. It has advanced process flow, follow-up by-product processing and data processing technology and capacity.


Biocatalysis platform/Green chemical reaction platform

The company uses engineering and mathematical methods to design and optimize the overall catalytic reaction route. It is adept at multi-enzyme cascade reaction, energy consumption (ATP) reaction and coenzyme cycle reaction.


Product separation and purification platform

With perfect purification equipment and technology.

Mature Mastery: Pretreatment and solid-liquid separation, extraction, solid phase separation, adsorption separation, ion exchange separation, chromatographic separation, membrane separation, concentration and product drying and other purification and separation technologies.

Hebei Meibang Membrane Technology Co., Ltd has provincial membrane engineering research and development platform and industrial base.


Immobilization and reactor

We are proficient in immobilization design and conditions optimization. With constant innovation, we have invented new immobilization carriers,which accumulated a lot of experience in establishing new industrial standard methods for immobilization.We have designed immobilization devices with our own intellectual property to produce immobilized enzymes or cells. We also optimized the immobilization conditions of various products by physical and chemical methods,which provided ideal immobilization carriers or methods.


Analysis Center

The center is equipped with advanced, comprehensive testing equipment, including precision instruments such as high performance liquid chromatography (UV detector and evaporative light-scattering detector), gas chromatography, ion chromatography, polarimeter, UV photometer and microplate reader. Analytical techniques cover all stages of the project, including development and validation of analytical methods, development and application of enzyme/immobilized enzyme, reaction solutions, intermediate samples, as well as process quality control, impurity research, quality management and standard-setting, etc. .