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The grand opening ceremony for the relocation of Meibangmeihe Biotechnology Co., Ltd was held.

On April 7, 2022, the grand opening ceremony for the relocation of Meibangmeihe Biotechnology Co., Ltd was held.
The chairman of the parent company, Hebei MeiBang Engineering & Technology Co., Ltd, Mr. Gao Wengao, attended the ceremony, along with shareholders, senior executives Ms. Wang Xiaoli, Mr. Jin Zuohong, Mr. Fu Haijie, Mr. Ma Ji. Mr. Liu Dong, general manager of Meibangmeihe Biotechnology Co., Ltd, the relevant leaders of the Park and friends from all walks of life were also invited to the ceremony.
At 11:00 a.m., the opening ceremony began. Mr. Liu Dong, the general manager, delivered a speech on behalf of the company. He expressed his heartfelt thanks to the brothers company, leaders and colleagues from all walks of life who have been caring and supporting the development of the company, and extended a warm welcome to the guests at the opening ceremony.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of MeiBang Engineering & Technology, Meibangmeihe is a major force in the field of bio-health. Meibangmeihe will build a full-scale industrial chain from gene editing, enzyme engineering, biocatalysis, product purification technology to industrialization, form two business forms of production and technical services and develop deeply in two directions of biological health and bio-based materials.
At 11:18, the chairman and company executives inaugurated the new company,which heralded the R&D platform of Mebangmeihe came out vigorously with a new image.


Mr. Liu said: “With our rigorous scientific attitude, dedication to excellence, diligent work style, and honest and trustworthy style, we will show the beauty of biotechnology and achieve the harmony and health of humankind. With our joint efforts, we will become a well-known and respected innovative enterprise in the field of biosynthesis.”


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The project of bio-enzyme Product R & D Center of Meibangmeihe Biotechnology Co., Ltd. passed the Environmental Impact Assessment


On August 26, 2022, Mebangmeihe Biotechnology Co., Ltd, in accordance with the “Provisional measures for the acceptance of environmental protection upon completion of construction projects”, organized the environmental protection acceptance of the completed construction project according to the relevant state laws and regulations, the technical specifications for the acceptance of the environmental protection of the completed construction project, the project environmental impact report form and the examination and approval decision of the examination and approval department, etc. The inspection and acceptance group, composed of construction units, testing units, environmental assessment units and professional and technical experts, and the participating experts and representatives, visited the site and was briefed on the progress of the project construction by the construction unit and the details of the acceptance report by the compilation unit. After careful discussion, the “ Three simultaneous” system of environmental protection were all agreed and various pollution prevention and control measures were also implemented in this project. According to the results of on-site inspection and Environmental Protection Acceptance Report, the project meets the requirements of Environmental Assessment and approval, and can pass the acceptance of environmental protection.

Professor Jiang Yanjun From Hebei University of Technology visits Meibangmeihe


On July 19, 2022, Professor Jiang Yanjun, Vice Dean of College of Chemical Engineering, Hebei University of Technology, led a team of key teachers to Meibangmeihe Biotechnology Co., Ltd. They have investigated and communicated on school-enterprise cooperation and bioimmobilization applications. The delegation visited the R & D Center of Meibangmeihe Biotechnology Company Limited and had in-depth exchanges with the chairman Gao Wengao, and the general manager Liu Dong.

Meibanghuanyu- Holding subsidiary of MeiBang Engineering & Technology, selected into the list of "Specialized and Sophisticated" Enterprises in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region in 2022


On June 28, 2022, the Department of Industry and Information Technology of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region has announced a list of "Specialized and Sophisticated" in 2022. 84 enterprises including Ningxia Meibanghuanyu Chemical Co., Ltd. were evaluated as "Specialized and Sophisticated" small and medium-sized enterprises. This successful selection is another affirmation of Meibanghuanyu's continuous improvement in technology and market. In the future, the company will further enhance its own scientific research and innovation capabilities, improve product quality, and strive to become the leader in the industry.